Did you like our new “Bake Goods” frozen yogurt flavor? Did our servers inform you about our Specials? Was the hotel room tidy when you check-in? Did you find everything you need at our Department Store? How frequently do you visit a Spa, Hair & Beauty or Massage salon? Would you recommend this place to others?

These are the questions that will help to improve your business. Feedback from customers are valuable to your business.

What is an “NFC Survey”



NFC Survey is the latest survey methodology that allows business to conduct surveys on site in real time while customers are experiencing the services. Customers will access the surveys on site in real time through Votter app by tapping their Android smartphones on Votter NFC (Near Field Communication) stickers that are placed conveniently at your business place such as on Frozen Yogurt shop check out counters, on the restaurant tables, inside hotel rooms, or on Hair & Beauty salon front desks. NFC Survey makes a great use of the trend where customers using their smartphone app everywhere and anytime so that businesses can catch their feedback on time of service. Business also get the opportunity to offer rewards to the customer after the conducted a survey to attract more people to do the surveys.

Problems with the ‘Classic’ Survey

Businesses conducted surveys in many forms, as simple as paper and pencil survey, a link to a online web survey printed on the point-of-sales (POS) receipt, or a number that customer can call. We call these types of survey the ‘classic’ surveys.

Some surveys are overly long that gives the customer an unpleasant experience while their intention is to give some feedback about the business. Some surveys are not repeatable because most customers do not fill the same survey more than once. All in all these ‘classic’ surveys have bad response rate (<1%).

Paper and Pencil

Online (Web)




Paper and pencil surveys in a multimedia world are not the image your business wants to portray.

Customers given the survey when they are rush to leave the restaurant. Receipts are usually discarded and the survey forgotten


Votter Survey Platform

On Site

Survey can be taken from the typical receipt but it can also be done instantly on site. Using NFC technology, the patron just need to put their phone near the Votter sticker and they will instantly be taken to the survey. No waiting to get home and getting to a computer!

Instant Rewards

Who really wants a “chance” to win something after a long phone survey? Rewards can be offered instantly. You don’t need a $10,000 raffle each week, simply offer a free soda or a small % off the final bill! The choice is up to you.

Local Community

Social voting app builds community in your local area. After the survey, your patron will be in the Votter app and will be able to put up photos and polls related to your business. It is free advertising for you!


Each time your patron comes in, they can receive a different survey so the surveys can remain short and interesting. Using sampling you will receive the same statistics but without boring your patrons to death with the same long survey each time. You want your patrons to be excited to give feedback and with Votter they will be!


Multiple Question Types including images. Want to know if you customer will order a product for a certain price? A Picture is worth a thousand words!


Demographics of your users are available so that you can target audiences that view your company favorably or unfavorable.


No generic questions here! You select the questions and images specific to your product.


Survey can be modified at any time if you are unhappy with the questions or they are no longer relevant. Running a special on Ice Cream Sundays? Add a question asking what toppings they want to see added. When the special is done, we simply remove the question and put in a new question for you. No need to remake a whole new survey.

Custom Reports

Reports are generated specifically for your business. No generic reports for you anymore! We will get you the information you most want.


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